灌装旋盖一体机 Dec 17 , 2019

This device  combines several functions and is therefore very universal.  Low viscosity media can be dosed (up to 3000 cP), e.g. toners, shampoos, soaps, aftershaves, etc.

The challenge:

Due to the specificity of its function, the challenge we faced during its design was connected both with the product itself and with the package:

Package: Glass perfume bottles with extremely small aperture diameter (5 mm) – despite that, we have managed to achieve a productivity rate of up to 2500 pcs./h.
The four filling nozzles fixed into position are finished with very thin pipes which fit into the narrow bottle aperture and a self-centering Teflon sleeve which adjoins ideally to the bottle neck facilitating insertion of the filling pipes.  Due to product specificity, the dosing pipe is inserted in an extra cover which is supposed to suck out any foam created.  website load testing  Such an integrated filling system not only minimizes product foaming, but also shortens dosing time, thus increasing its productivity.
Any dose may be set on each nozzle, gradually filling each bottle with the preset amount of liquid.  It allows to precisely control the bottle filling process, avoid product foaming and prevent production of excess pressure and product splashing out of the bottle.

Product (with high amounts of alcohol):
There are problems with alcohol vapour during production: a flammable working area and product splashing onto working surface causing damage to the machine, and the risk of polycarbonate casing discoloration from alcohol.


we have instituted ventilation of the closed working area (a gap was preserved under the door and the casing is open from the top ensuring ventilation).

all construction elements crossing the work surface, transmission system elements, electrical and pneumatic cables have been pneumatically sealed, eliminating the risk of being splashed upon;

to eliminate risk of discoloration, glued glass instead of polycarbonate has been applied

Mulifunctionality and universal use: we wanted to provide a machine able to dose perfume and other substances with increased viscosity like shower gels, shampoos, toners, etc.

Thanks to the application of a pressure container, the machine serves products with the viscosity of up to 3000 cP.

A big construction challenge was closing the whole production process (filling, clamping, closing) in a small machine of compact size (the machine is 2.5 m long and fits only 30 format slots combing all functionalities of a big production line).

Solution: one central drive is hidden under the hermetically sealed working surface.

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