关于液体灌装机常见问题 Dec 17 , 2019

What type of pumps are used in the STRPACK range of machinery?

Gear Pump, Peristaltic and Lobe pumps.

What size of Gear pumps are used in the STRPACK range of machinery?

Our gear pumps range from 1.5, 6, 10 and 20 litres a minute.

What sort of product do you use Gear pumps for.?

From oils, shampoos lotions and creams really quite a diverse range.

What sort of product do you use Peristaltic pumps for.?

From water based paints, hydrochloric acid (15%),  formic acid (25%). and PVA adeshive to use as examples.

What Centipoise can the Peristaltic pumps go up to?

usually up to 2000 centipoise with a max of 350RPM above this the RPM is slowed down to suit.

What range of liquid filling machines do STRPACK machine manufacture?

Small bench and table top semi-automatic machines, through to fully automatic. As a result, the automatic machines are incorporated within liquid filling packaging lines.

How accurate are STRPACK liquid fillers?

Highly accurate, for fill volumes from 5 ml to 5 Litres. Above all the filling accuracy and repeatability is greater than +/- 0.5%.

The machines can be fitted with positive shut-off pneumatic nozzles to replace the standard Plain Nozzles should dripping occur due to the viscosity.

Can the fill volume be adjusted easily?

Yes, the fill volume (or dose) and product flow (or pump speed) is easily adjusted during the operation by the use of the counter or touch screen.

How reliable are STRPACK liquid fillers?

The machinery is of high quality and reliable consequently highly accurate and repeatable.

We will be pleased to discuss your requirement and assist you in selecting the right value for money purchase.

Do you supply machines to fill E-liquid for vaping?

Yes, we supply machinery for the E liquid or vaping market.

Why should I buy a Liquid filling machine from STRPACK?

KBW prides itself on being a supplier of choice. hence enjoys a market leading and consequently trusted reputation.



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