• 家庭清洁用品灌装线
    家庭清洁用品灌装线 Product: Detergent, liquid soap, hand washer, laundry detergent , Cleaning gel, glass washer etc The challenge: Varies bottles and caps shapes Different filling volume Some liquid is foamy Some product is high viscious Solution: Linear type filling machine for filling varies bottles shape and size Piston type filling machine for filling both liquid and cream product Diving nozzle for fil...
  • 润滑油灌装线
    润滑油灌装线 Product : Lubricant oil, motor oil, gear oil, break oil, anti-freeze fluid, grease etc. The challenge: Varies bottles and caps shapes Different filling volume Different viscous Can be equipped with automatic carton packing machines. Solution: Different type filling machine for different filling solution Can fill for 250ml to 5L , 10-30L, 200L Different type capping solution per caps and bot...
  • 腐蚀性液体灌装线
    腐蚀性液体灌装线 Product: Bleach, 84 disinfectant, toilet cleaner, acid liquid etc . The challenge: Corrosive liquid which corrosive metal part and electrical parts of machine Our Solution for filling corrosive liquid: 95% of the machine is made by strong PP material in order to avoid the corrosive Gravity filling system for filling range 100ml to 5L Separate electrical box away from filling area for long...
  • 泵头盖旋盖机
    A more developed version of our SX is equipped with an extra SFX capping module which allows for an increase in the capping process productivity up to 30 pcs./min (compared to only 25 pcs./min in the SX). The challenge: The challenge we faced was connected mainly with the package: Low quality bottles, prone to being crushed during separation under pressure or during feeding with various hardn...
  • 面霜灌装机
    Line for filling, capping and labelling containers. A perfect solution for the cosmetic industry thanks to the capability of dosing creams, balms, cleansing milks, micellar lotions. The devices comes in two configurations: 30 pcs/min 50 pcs/min Advantage of the SkinCare cosmetic line: Pucks system supports containers of various shapes and sizes. Blowing station allows for removing potential contam...
  • 灌装旋盖一体机
    This device  combines several functions and is therefore very universal.  Low viscosity media can be dosed (up to 3000 cP), e.g. toners, shampoos, soaps, aftershaves, etc. The challenge: Due to the specificity of its function, the challenge we faced during its design was connected both with the product itself and with the package: Package: Glass perfume bottles with extremely small ...




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