• 包装线和设备服务于广泛的行业
    包装线和设备服务于广泛的行业 Feb 11 , 2020
    Bottled Water & Beverages (Non Carbonated) Beverage projects typically favor filling machines that are suited for free flowing liquids and produce visually appealing fill levels. If your product fits this description or any of the below examples this is the section for you. Water, fruit juice, alcohol, sports drinks (non carbonated), tea, lemonade, energy drinks, energy shots, or any other non...
  • 关于 STRPACK 市场服务
    关于 STRPACK 市场服务 Feb 11 , 2020
    STRPACK is a leading manufacturer of primary packaging lines and equipment serving a broad range of industries. With roots in the personal care industry, STRPACK has perfected its standards and processes to deliver beyond your expectations. BellatRx applies this know-how to similar applications in the food, beverage, cosmetics, chemicals, and personal care markets. The attention we give to line an...
  • 关于旋盖机常见问题
    关于旋盖机常见问题 Feb 11 , 2020
    Can STRPACK Capping Machines handle a range of Cap Closures? KBW manufacture quality machinery with a distinctive look that gives our customers machines that are configurable with options for Screw Capping, Press capping, and ROPP Capping. Plug Insertion and Sprays are available with certain models. What Features does a STRPACK Capping Machine have? Automatic Screw Capping models have accurate Ser...
  • 关于液体灌装机常见问题
    关于液体灌装机常见问题 Dec 17 , 2019
    What type of pumps are used in the STRPACK range of machinery? Gear Pump, Peristaltic and Lobe pumps. What size of Gear pumps are used in the STRPACK range of machinery? Our gear pumps range from 1.5, 6, 10 and 20 litres a minute. What sort of product do you use Gear pumps for.? From oils, shampoos lotions and creams really quite a diverse range. What sort of product do you use Peristaltic pu...
  • 关于公司常见问题
    关于公司常见问题 Dec 17 , 2019
    "Who are STRPACK?" STRPACK Packaging is Your reliable Partner in Packaging. We are a leading packaging machine manufacturer in the design and supply of packaging machinery from bottle feeding till carton sealing. "Who are your typical customers?" Our clients range from new and start-up companies,to famous brand names world-wide. "What Industries does STRPACK supply to?" Typically, we provide packi...




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